December 8, 2014

By Contributor

Photo courtesy of MY KIÖRI

New York City, USA – MY KIÖRI has announced the launch of its first fragrance, KIÖRI Natural Perfume Oil. The new scent, created by perfumer Lisa Wallos, celebrates treasured memories and the desire for inner strength and resilience.

KIÖRI is a soft Oriental Gourmande scent composed of dark vanilla, mysterious patchouli, lush blossoms and a selection of rare ingredients known for their aphrodisiac properties. KIÖRI is comprised of only pure perfume, resins and essential oils.

The love of perfumery began for Lisa as a young child and professional ballet dancer backstage at Lincoln Center. As prima ballerinas prepared for performances, Lisa was intrigued with their beauty ritual of anointing themselves with compelling aromatic scents. Something awoke within her, and she felt as if her senses were ignited!

Over the course of her life, Lisa’s passion for fragrance grew and she began to produce scents of her own, getting more complex and ambitious with each new creation. The breakthrough moment for KIÖRI came when a local upscale boutique owner, challenged her invitingly, saying, “If you put that in a bottle, I’ll sell it in my store!” From there, the vision of KIÖRI was born. Lisa’s brother David, a veteran of the natural foods industry, joined the company to help her manage it, and they realized there was a significant opportunity for a new brand in the space;

While there were other natural fragrance oils on the market, they were largely single-note fragrances, lacking the depth and perception of the fine perfumes that Lisa loved. And most fine perfumes were filled with ingredients Lisa didn’t want to put on her skin. This is the niche KIÖRI is successfully filling – an exquisitely-composed luxury fragrance brand made with real natural ingredients.

Featuring sleek, graphic packaging in black, white and magenta with an elegant, artisanal look, the hummingbird imagery symbolizes fortitude and resourcefulness. KIÖRI has become a luxury fragrance brand for discriminating customers who value KIÖRI’s unique and captivating appeal, unmistakable sensuality and superior ingredients. Contained in a portable rollerball bottle, KIÖRI is incredibly long-lasting, and transitions easily from day to night and for all seasons. KIÖRI is the final and most beautiful accessory before heading out the door.