May 29, 2015

By Contributor

Photos Courtesy of Philipp Plein International

Lugano, Switzerland – PHILIPP PLEIN continues an unstoppable global expansion with new boutique openings in Asia. The brand is present in over a dozen stores across the continent with ten destination boutiques in the most important cities in mainland China; seven in Korea; and flagships in Hong Kong and Macau. The luxury fashion house has seen nine store openings this year alone and is planning four more openings in China by the end of August, when the total number of mainland boutiques will reach 14.

PHILIPP PLEIN Tianjin store

PHILIPP PLEIN Tianjin store

Significant recent openings are to be found in the ancient capital city of Tianjin, at the historic Friendship Store; in the northeastern cosmopolitan city of Harbin; in Dalian, where a majestic 24-metre façade welcomes discerning shoppers inside a beautiful duplex flagship store; in Zhengzhou, where the PHILIPP PLEIN boutique sits in the brand new David Plaza – a slick shopping complex in the heart of the city; and in the prestigious Charter Shopping Centre in Shenyang.

PHILIPP PLEIN, who is scheduled to travel across Asia during the first week of June, released the following statement:

I am very thankful for our success in Asia. When I opened the showroom in Hong Kong just over three years ago I was not expecting such a strong response from the market. The structure we are now designing will continue to reinforce the fast growth of the past three years. I am very excited to be visiting all the stores we have opened across Asia.

Additional stores have been confirmed in Korea, with the eighth PHILIPP PLEIN boutique scheduled for August. In Macau a second store – this time an impressive 200 sqm flagship – will open in the new Studio City Shopping Mall and Casino in September, while in Hong Kong a second flagship is scheduled for October in the famed Harbour City mall.

The roll out plan is in line with the development of PHILIPP PLEIN Asia. This subsidiary, which is fully owned by PHILIPP PLEIN INTERNATIONAL, was launched last January and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. From this office the Swiss luxury brand will launch an ambitious development plan in the Far East which in the short term will concentrate on China and Korea, and with plans to move into Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan in the near future. The creation of a PHILIPP PLEIN online platform tailored to the Asian market is currently in the research and development phase and is set to be launched soon.

PHILIPP PLEIN Tianjin store (25)

PHILIPP PLEIN Tianjin store (14)

PHILIPP PLEIN Tianjin store