June 11, 2015

Florence, Italy – On the eve of Pitti Immagine Uomo, the menswear collections of 12 selected fashion designers from the 4 Istituto Marangoni Schools of Fashion in the world will be presented at a fashion show in Florence at 5.30 pm at the Palazzo Corsini. This is the first of a series of events in the rich programme of initiatives and events that will take place throughout 2015 to celebrate an 80 year-long successful history in the training of outstanding Fashion and Design professionals.

The theme of the show will be “Fashion Warrior”, an explicit invitation to fight for the future by means of creativity, which is not an innate asset, but rather a natural aptitude which needs to be constantly fed: this is what Istituto Marangoni has been doing since 1935, developing necessary skills for tomorrow’s professionals to turn talent into business.



Each student will present 6 outfits complete with accessories, for a total of 72 menswear designs which stand out in their originality and uniqueness and well represent ideas and creative thoughts of the designers, as a result of their different origins, passions, personal experience, and influences of the country where they have completed their training. Textiles, colours, and patterns will be mixing and matching to give life to exclusive, truly amazing collections.

This is a unique opportunity for these young fashion designers to debut with their creations in a top level international context, as well as show the results of the passionate effort they have put into their work throughout their training to an audience of over 300 guests including journalists, industry professionals, and representatives from the fashion system.

“Istituto Marangoni is constantly committed to promoting new talents’ said Roberto Riccio, Istituto Marangoni Group Managing Director, ‘We are proud to offer visibility to our best fashion designers, true ambassadors of the Istituto Marangoni method and Made in Italy excellence products, here in the cradle of Italian culture, Florence, helping them to personally experience the typical excitement and adrenaline around a fashion show.” 

Istituto Marangoni was founded in Milano in 1935 and started out as the “Istituto Artistico dell’Abbigliamento Marangoni” (Marangoni Artistic Clothing Institute). Since then, four generations of students from five continents have walked its halls and it has been a springboard for over 40,000 professionals working in fashion and luxury goods, including Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana) and Franco Moschino. Each year Istituto Marangoni has over 3,000 students from 92 different countries at its five campuses in Milano (fashion & design), Paris, London and Shanghai – cities that are internationally known as capitals of fashion and luxury. A wide variety of training is provided and the school offers undergraduate courses (preparatory, three-year, and intensive one-year programmes) as well as postgraduate courses (one-year masters and preparatory courses) and short courses. In January 2014 the new Istituto Marangoni School of Design opened in Milan, on Via Cerva, close to the current location of the School of Fashion.

For more information, visit www.istitutomarangoni.com.