July 6, 2016

Photos Courtesy of MBPFW

Prague, Czech Republic – The organizers of the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week have announced two exciting jewelry exhibitions, which will take place during their next edition. They are curated by the renowned designer, architect and author Eva Eisler. The exhibition will be held at the Ziba Prague Glass Experience Museum and will run from September 4 to October 4, 2015.

Eva Eisler portrait by Alzbeta Jungrova

Eva Eisler portrait by Alzbeta Jungrova

The two exhibitions will be centered around contemporary artistic jewelry.  The first and larger of the two is titled, “PRAGUE SCHMUCK 2015“. It is a curatorial version of the jewelry show held in Munich and highlights the season’s artistic and artisanal creations.

“My goal was to select the best and most original examples that represent contemporary jewelry styles which are proof of the incredible freedom of creativity in the times in which we live and simultaneously confront Czech creating the world’s best”, says curator Eva Eisler. “When choosing I followed mainly my own intuition. Wearability was the condition for participating”. 

The Prague Schmuck 2015 will welcome 63 authors from 23 countries. There will also be showing of contemporary Czech artistic jewelry. Here students and graduated from Prague’s KOV Decorative Arts Studio will also display their own creations.

Lukáš  Loskot, Director at MBPFW commented: “The combination of jewelry and clothing collections in line with current trends and our understanding of fashion week. We want to pay attention to fashion in a broader context – fashion as a way of expressing your own personality. That is why we introduced in March of this year the first Czech conference on wearable technologies. And in September, we have a program to showcase jewelry. 

Both exhibitions will open on Friday, September 4, 2015 at 6:00pm. Entry is free to the public.