January 12, 2016

Film Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Paris, France – Luxury shoemaker to the stars, Christian Louboutin, has turned to cinema for the production of his new campaign for Spring/Summer 2016. In it we discover ourselves in a murder mystery.

On the scene we have a police officer, a maid and a female detective. The officer is wears a pair of Christian Louboutin “red bottoms” in black patent leather. The maid is wearing stilettos in bubble gum pink. And the detective wears stilettos with animal prints. She is flawless with her matching studded bag.

On the floor there is the cadaver of the slain Amazoula, who is wearing a sickening pair of high heel sandals. We are left to wonder, “who could possibly do something so terrible to someone of such obvious exquisite taste in footwear?

After an initial investigation by the law agents in which the tearful maid is indeed questioned, the trio quit the room. On their departure we notice an ajar door on the shoe. In the midst of a forest of Christian Louboutin creations, we see a pair of black shoes worn by someone in hiding. Is this our first clue as to the identity of Amazoula’s murderer?