January 13, 2016

By Marcellous L. Jones

Photos by Milun Milutinovic

St. Petersburg, Russia – Choba Ytpo’s rugged menswear collection features lots of shorts and T-shorts. There is a strong play between the long black pieces versus the vivid colors, which include shamrock green and silver.

The collection has really interesting prints. One look has them on white cotton denim. This look is matched with a t-shirts. From there we see the designer introduce a look of a sleeveless, button-up shirt in powdery blue pastel. The shirt has blocking of ecru with white polka dots. This introduces a new dimension to the menswear collection. We also see hints of paisley too. This portion of the collection is developed easily into others looks.

The women enjoy tassels and even more prints. Their looks are deliberately inspired from the men’s line. That is until we arrive at the section with tall forest like prints. Then we see solid pieces enter into the game such as the black Asian cut coat. It has a boatneck cut and large sleeves. It is paired with a white skirt.

As the collection evolves, we see the womenswear become far more sophisticated as it is represented in solids of faded pastel pink and black. Here we see singular colors in the jumpsuits and long coats.

Though prints do return in the womenswear later, the silhouettes just would seem stronger in the opinion of this writer were they in single colors. This is simply a personal preference in terms of color & cut.

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