January 21, 2016

By Marcellous L. Jones

Paris, France – This season the Issey Miyake Men starts his adventures in a more harsh, wintry wilderness environment. Only his instincts protect him from the elements associated to it such as wind, snow, rain and winter ice. To shield himself, he calls upon pieces and total looks that have been created in the house’s original fabrics.

The silhouettes are dominated by loose cuts. The seat of his trousers are baggy before quickly tapering as they approach the ankles. His blazers have a very soft tailoring that allow him to have freedom of movement. This is necessary as he is determined to survive and thrive in this environment.

To not lose his way, he wears bold colors and abstract prints. This is best illustrated in his eye-catching total looks that simply cannot be ignored. The materials look as though they have received their colors from an explosion in a paint factory in which orange and blue were the only tones produced there. An audacious style results as they cover his blazer, pants, shirt and light trench coat.

The Issey Miyake man is practical in the sense that he adores thick knitwear pieces for real warmth. However, he categorically refuses to abandon style. And to this he has become the champion of large, high-rising, button-up banded collars in his shirts.

As if to defy his the reality of his environment, he wears thigh-hugging shorts in knit. In some ways he seems to long for the warmer climates of the wild west. So we see green, mustard yellow and red horseshoe prints woven into the knitwear tops. Or they could simply be his way of bringing warm to the snow as he rides his horse in quest of his next adventure.

ISSEY MIYAKE - Fall Winter 2016/17

ISSEY MIYAKE – Fall Winter 2016/17