January 22, 2016

By Marcellous L. Jones

Photos Courtesy of Chanel 

Paris, France – What better way to say “I LOVE YOU” than with diamonds? Chanel has heard that call and is proposing a lovely selection of accessories that make wonderful keepsakes. And they come just in time for Valentine’s Day 2016.

The selection includes beautiful rings, watches and necklaces in gold, white gold and of course with diamonds. There are also beautiful watches to offer to that special guy in your life too.

Bague Camelia Ajoure OR

Bague Camelia Ajoure OR – 4950 Euros

Bague Comete Spirale OBD

Bague Comete Spirale OBD – 5700 Euros

Bague Entrelac d'Etoiles

Bague Entrelac d’Etoiles – 8400 Euros

Bague Plume OB J10192

Bague Plume OB J10192 – 2500 Euros

Bague Plume Poire J4137 FB

Bague Plume Poire J4137 FB – 10,400 Euros

J12 Collector Mirror 33mm FB

J12 Collector Mirror 33mm FB – 4250 Euros

J12-G.10 Chromatic FB

J12-G.10 Chromatic FB – 4500 Euros

J12-G.10 Chromatic nylon fb

J12-G.10 Chromatic nylon fb – 4500 Euros

J12-G.10 Blue nylon fb

J12-G.10 Blue nylon fb – 4500 Euros

J12-G.10 Chromatic Bleue FB

J12-G.10 Chromatic Bleue FB – 4500 Euros

Pendentif Comete Spirale OBD

Pendentif Comete Spirale OBD – 4200 Euros

Première Pop Pink FB

Première Pop Pink FB – 4000 Euros

Première Pop Turquoise FB

Première Pop Turquoise FB – 4000 Euros