May 23, 2016

By Marcellous L. Jones

Photos by Mike Pasarella

Lodz, Poland – Excitement, sportswear and sex appeal are the elements with which young Polish designer Jacob Birge has created his new collection. Here we find an amazing blend of sportswear chic and glam combined together in a realistic manner.

This new Fall Winter 2016/17 collection serves as a fine example of the designer’s talent and as a harbinger of his future greatness in international fashion. Jacob Birge forgets together leathers, sequins, crochets and woven materials in his looks. This selection is an intelligent one as it permits the creation of attire that is also active.

The micro silver metallic sequins have been fused together to create a dress with black sash.  This material also has been used in top and event windbreaker jackets that have been cropped short.   A wallet-like dress has straps, silvery loop holes and metallic zippers. One dress is an inspired hybrid of a bomber.

Jacob Birge also sets black as the overwhelming color of selection in the collection. He embellishes many of its pieces with silver sequins. Bordeaux is also added for a calming effect. The looks feature details such as metal hoops in black and rectangular straps. Added to his asymmetrically cut tops, fitted short skirts and long dresses, we have the makings for a very exciting evening out on the town!


JACOB BIRGE – Fall Winter 2016/17


JACOB BIRGE – Fall Winter 2016/17


JACOB BIRGE – Fall Winter 2016/17


JACOB BIRGE – Fall Winter 2016/17


JACOB BIRGE – Fall Winter 2016/17