June 21, 2016

By Lynn Quanjel

Photos Courtesy of Damir Doma

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Growing up surrounded by toiles in his mother’s atelier in Germany, creative director Damir Doma has been fascinated by fashion ever since he was very young. With international experience in Germany, Belgium and Paris he gained a lot of different impressions and visions on fashion, which resulted in his signature style. Since 2015 Damir Doma has been showing in Milan where he pushes forward his ideals of unisex, androgynous, and simply ‘cool that define his work.

While watching the designs of Damir Doma, it is notable that the men’s and women’s designs share the same creative inspiration, cuts and materials. Examining the fleeting quality of the human body, Damir Doma’s designs encapsulate a measured study of proportion and a mixture of textures – divining a juxtaposition of rough and refined. Silhouettes draw upon numerous inspirations from the worlds of art and architecture, foregoing embellishment and decoration for a purity of form.

It is notable that all of the looks in his Spring/Summer 2017 appear in the same color. There is barely any speaking of color combinations. The collection is showing white, brown, blue, yellow and black. This relatively neutral palette brings the oversized sculptural designs in a perfect balance. It seems as if Damir Doma is especially inspired by the Japanese kimono for this collection, due to the many oversized coats with matching belts around the waistlines.

All in all, Damir Doma has created a perfectly cohesive collection with a creative combination of womenswear and menswear. It is edgy, raw and cool… we would definitely like to see more!

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