June 22, 2016

Portrait of Rocco Leo Gaglioti Courtesy of FNL Network

Los Angeles, USA – Vivicast Media and FNL Network announced today that they have signed a global distribution deal to bring the new network FNL to audiences around the world. Holding a unique place among Vivicast’s channel offerings, FNL Network goes beyond the catwalk, bringing together fashion, lifestyle, reality and news into an action-packed 24/7 linear network. FNL is based on the fashion industry but offers much more – news, tips, and the reality of living life in the public eye. With an unerring eye and a fresh approach, FNL is a new voice in the lifestyle genre and brings a depth of coverage and excitement guaranteed to please.

“Offered in full HD, FNL is more than models strutting down the catwalk – it is the story behind the klieg lights, the story behind the designs and beauty tips. It brings the art of making beautiful things and the art of making things and people beautiful into a relevant and exciting cultural world for a global audience”, said Rocco Leo Gaglioti of FNL.

Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Founder of FNL Network

Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Founder of FNL Network

“We’ve worked hard to present a different and fresh perspective on programming that reaches a multi-generational audience in countries around the globe. By working with a top-flight distribution company like Vivicast Media, we will have the opportunity to bring FNL Network to audiences in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. With the Vivicast experience in licensing channels to cable and satellite operators, OTT and mobile companies on a world-wide basis, FNL Network will be well-positioned to come out of the gate with a bang.”

Vivicast Media, a leading multi-platform global content licensor, provides video content access to major cable, satellite and MPVD companies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and throughout North America.

FNL Network is a major addition to our bouquet of linear networks” said Stuart Smitherman, President of Vivicast Media. “The channel offers a unique combination of programming and quality, and we are excited to work with FNL to license the channel. It complements our emphasis on global distribution and our focus on offering high-quality, one-of-a-kind networks that consumers want to watch.”

When asked by Fashion Insider how this deal came about, Gaglioti responded, “I saw a massive void of fashion, news, and lifestyle in the US market. The global marketplace has shown a strong interest because the general public that enjoys watching fashion is tired of just watching runways.

“It’s going to be fresh and refreshing. It will not be only runway shows — that’s boring. We will have a tremendous amount of lifestyle content, as well as award-winning programming like Fashion News Live and award-winning movies like Inside Amato. We are the only fashion and entertainment network that has created a show for the hearing impaired called Fashion News Live in ASL.”

Television channels and even networks specializing in the same content matter as FNL Network have been around now for more than twenty years. So the new kid on the block will indeed have to be inventive in its way of reporting on fashion, collecting information and spreading new ideas. And when asked how will the upstart differentiate itself from a field that already includes giants like Fashion TV, Fashion One, and World Fashion Channel, Gaglioti also chimed in with thoughtful comments.

“We are not going to be just runway shows. We are going to have different variations of lifestyle programming such as City Showcase, Flashback Friday, Fashion Able and Film Corner. We are also based out of America and are one of the only networks in North America that focuses on fashion, news, and lifestyle content. Our other programs will include Model Monday, FNL Vintage, Beauty Tips, and Backstage Pass.”

Fashion News Lifestyle Network (FNL Network) is a network committed to bringing the most engaging aspects of the human experience to life on-screen. Available worldwide in native HD and in English and with 100% original programming, the FNL Network is a 24/7 linear HD channel that brings insightful and incisive content about the worlds of fashion, travel, beauty, health and reality TV and much more. Whether true stories about original people or original series made exclusively for the FNL Network, the programming is fresh and relevant. Programming includes award winning films and documentaries, some filmed exclusively for the FNL Network. With shows like the award winning “Fashion News Live” along with “Fashion News Live in ASL”, “Model Monday”, “FNL Vintage”, “Beauty Tips, “Flashback Friday”, “Fashion Able”, “Film Corner”, “Backstage Pass” and “City Showcase” the FNL Network audience also gets first hand looks at scenes behind the fashion, entertainment, travel, and beauty world only few get to experience.

Vivicast is one of the very first companies to have offered licensing of live channels and VOD in the OTT market with its first OTT operator launching services in 2006. With the continued explosion of OTT and an emphasis on content that works in a multi-screen environment, Vivicast licensed networks and video content are now viewed through a large number of operators and on multi-platform devices worldwide. Vivicast’s roots began with live linear television content for Cable operators but the company has continuously expanded its offerings and acquisitions of the best in 24/7 entertainment and on demand programming which are made available to MPVD operators around the world.