October 8, 2017

By Lynn Quanjel

Photos Courtesy of YDE

Paris, France – Flowers, rainbows and waves are the three things that make designer Ole Yde happy, as he explained. With his Spring/Summer 2017 collection, he aims to inspire people to enjoy the simple things in life and to enjoy the paradise called Love.

YDE is in tune with the overwhelming trend of ruffles. To them he factors in glittering element. And he amuses himself with the inclusion of fun floral prints. The first dress to down the runway is immediately a showstopper. It is a crispy white A-line dress with a double layer of floral embroideries, which create a 3D effect. It seems as if there are also some scholarly inspiration in the collection. YDE not does the elements associated to school uniforms. They pop up every now and then. The shoes are worn with ankle socks and radiate this vibe. However, the majority of the collection maintains its focus on beautifully shimmering, one-shoulder dresses; holographic design pieces; skater skirts; and especially the application of many ruffles.

One of the best looks of the show is a long blue shift dress with ruffles on the bottom, which created beautiful movement while walking. Another favorite is a red look consisting of a skater skirt and a short jacket with sculptural ruffles on the arms.

There is movement and color in most of the pieces, which gives the collection a whimsical and youthful edge. YDE explains that his Spring/Summer 2017 collection is a representation of his own little garden of Eden. He has managed to design them for women who like feminine and refined clothes. These are also women who like to have fun with what they wear.

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