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December 29, 2016

By Marcellous L. Jones

Photos Courtesy of RFPFW

Antwerp, Belgium – In its premiere collection at the inaugural edition of the Romanian Fashion Philosophy, fashion house Stella & Styling presents silhouettes doused in lots of silk and satins.  The shapes include flowing dresses, ensembles of pants & tops and even the now and very seemingly indispensable jumpsuit.

Navy blue is the preferred color. It is intermixed with white.  And red rose embroideries are featured as a recurring leitmotif. We find them throughout the collection in the silk and lace pieces.

The garments are well made enough. However from a technical point of view, the work is not very advanced in terms of cutting and designs.  And one outfit in white makes the model look, simply put: FAT! Nonetheless, it is an extremely cohesive collection. This cohesion is very easy to understand and forms perhaps what most should consider as the single best highlight of the entire collection.

All save the navy blue jumpsuit with loose sleeves and then the amply cut trousers, I did not particularly enjoy this collection by Stella & Styling. It just left me with doubts and even more questions than answers. Among them chiefly relate to two of the evening gowns in white. They most certainly could and would have been better welcomed had they not had those dreadful roses everywhere.

Why? Why ruin a perfectly good look with such obviously useless details?

Stella & Styling – Spring/Summer2017

Stella & Styling – Spring/Summer2017

Stella & Styling – Spring/Summer2017