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February 4, 2017

Image Source: Twitter

Paris, France – Since the American singer and occasional actress Beyoncé Knowles Carter made her announcement regarding her “latest” pregnancy, the internet has been abuzz. Curious fans have been desperate to learn the brandname of the lingerie pieces that Mrs. Carter wore in her scantily clad announcement. It turns out that she wore both Agent Provocateur and Liviara.

Liviara is an American brand based in St. Louis, Missouri. Each piece is produced in the United States and in fine silks, laces and gold plated hardware. According to Liviara, “Inspired by Marie Antoinette, Liviara separates its collections into “Beloved” and “Condemned,” as Marie Antoinette was once beloved before she was condemned by her own people. The Beloved collection features softer colors, sweetheart cuts and presents a playful vibe. Conversely, the Condemned collection is more bold, daring and provocative.”

Agent Provocateur is a European brand with a strong ethical core in the way it conducts business. It encourages whistleblowers to speak up against any abuses by companies in its supply chain. This includes cases of  a slavery or human trafficking, ethical behaviour and employee conduct.