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March 21, 2017

Madrid, Spain – As one of the most beloved designers of the Madrid Fashion Week, Ana Locking had a lot of expectations to live up to with her Fall/Winter 2017 collection. With her tribute to “the Dreamer” she sends a political message: we should all dream about a world where equality rules.

This collection is the final of a trilogy.  “Antihero” and “The Thinker” are the previous collections which emphasize anonymous heroes and individuality. “The Dreamer” likes to share the idea of a utopia and big dreams. This is why it’s not surprising when the catwalk presentation starts with the speech of Martin Luther King, which immediately sets the right tone for the collection. The quote “All power to the people” from the iconic Black Panthers in the 60’s, has now become “All power to the dreamer” in the collection of Ana Locking, which we can see returning into several T-shirts and sweaters.

White, gold, black and grey make up the color palette for the collection: sober but powerful. Military Garçon berets, sculptural coats, midi skirts, ruffled blouses, puffed sleeves and deconstructed shirts create a strong yet elegant look. A perfect mix between masculine and feminine, which is worn by the men as well as the women in order to create an equal style for both genders. The collection of Ana Locking is drenched in political references, which makes it even more fascinating to look at. Which however, doesn’t make the collection any less wearable. In fact: all of these looks would be perfect designs for daily looks which can be worn on a casual day, as well as on a fancy party.

Ana Locking definitely managed to live up to the expectations and even rose above them. This designer proves that fashion is a mirror to society and reminded us that we should all come together and dream of a better world. While looking stylish, obviously.