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March 21, 2017

By Lynn Quanjel

Madrid, Spain – As a tribute to individuality, Custo Barcelona has created the collection “Light Years”. The established designer spent some time in Paris. During that time he found himself shocked  to see how everyone was dressing in similar ways there these days. With this collection he hopes to create more options.

Colors, metallics and geometric shapes form the identity of “Light Year’”. The Fall Winter 2017 collection is filled with oversized coats and strong lines, altered with feminine details and soft materials such as ruffles and chiffon drapings. Combine absolute opposites and making them look cohesive has become one of the most recognizable traits of the house. Another notable point for the collection is the fact that even though the looks might come off as a bit over the top, they are in fact very wearable once you deconstruct them into separate items. This combination between high-fashion vibes and commercial use is an admirable factor which makes Custo Barcelona a successful label for over 20 years already.

Silver, blue, white, black are the most dominant colors in the collection, but are alternated with color accents such as brown, pink, red, purple and yellow. Patchwork, layering and draping create dynamic and asymmetric looks.

Custo designs for strong individuals who enjoy to light up a room with their presence and like to dress slightly different than the mass. Not necessarily following trends, but staying true their own style and tastes.

And once again Custo Barcelona has proven that the element of change is the house’s strong suit. Each season he manages to stay true to his vision while interpreting it in a completely different way. It was a true pleasure to watch the latest collection of Custo come down the runway.