Images Courtesy of Versace

Paris, France – Versace has announced its new value and imagery series in collaboration with Luca Finotti.

Love. Equality. Strength. Unity. Diversity. Power. Courage. This is The Manifesto of Versace.

“No matter who we are or where we come from, this is what I believe today’s society should be all about. Let’s stand together in harmony and respect.” Donatella Versace

The series celebrates the diverse nature of love through elegant, black and white, and deeply emotive images. No need for words, the action speaks for itself: two hands that find each other and two lips that lock in a loving.

The models are filmed while performing a dance that brings to mind images of the bucolic rituals of the mythical nymphs, while the recurrent interlocking of fingers create a V-like sign, that is not only synonym of strength and unity, but also echoes the V of Versace.

The Medusa, carved in stone and reminiscent of an antique Greek temple decoration, epitomizes The Manifesto of Versace.