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Images Courtesy of Christophe Josse

Paris, France – Grand couturier Christophe Josse has announced through his public relations firm his imminent return to the catwalk in Paris. He does so as an invited member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. He will present his new collection on the official haute couture calendar in late January 2018. This will mark the first that he has done so in several years.

Christophe Josse‘s name is one that has been long associated to France’s exclusive universe of haute couture. In 2005 he launched his own eponymous couture house and later went on to obtain the prestigious haute couture label in 2011. Prior to those accomplisments, he worked during 15 years at the legendary Torrente Haute Couture as chief designer under the house’s founder Rose Torrente-Mett. In 2014 he surprised the haute couture world when he stepped away from the scene just months after presenting one of his most critically acclaimed collections to date.

Somewhat naturally shy and at times very uneasy with the press obligations such as on-camera interviews, Josse has been known over the years as a very sensitive artist with a comprehensive and unrelenting understanding of luxury materials. He creates a sensual and detailed universe that respects women’s bodies, while fulfulling their dreams.